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Construction Cleaning

Once all the work in the construction phase is done, the next most important part is Construction Cleaning. Construction Cleaning, in simple terms, it is eliminating the wastes from the construction site, arranging, cleaning and finalizing the finishing stage of a complete Construction . This is not an ordinary way of cleaning, it comprises heavy lifting, ladder climbing, and debris removing at larger scales

What We Can Do

    Pre – Construction Cleaning

    This is the stage where cleaning happening while there are ongoing constructions. It provides a safer environment for workers. Not only that but also the construction process to be continued with full support in cleaning services.

    Post – Construction Cleaning

    This is the stage where the cleaning will happen after the construction process. It is critically important to make sure you have a complete and cleaner construction site after all the construction processes.

    Construction cleanup services include (not only limited services mentioned below)


    • Hard surface floors vacuumed and damp-mopped
    • Removing all trash, including lumber and debris
    • Complete dust removal (walls, windows, doors, floors, furniture)
    • Common areas (living areas, Washroom, all rooms)
    • Complete Floor and Carpet Care
    • Complete Exterior / Interior cleaning



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